The Future of Network Marketing

The Future of Network  Marketing in India

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The Future of Network  Marketing in India

Network Marketing is the upcoming business in Network Marketing industry in 21st Century. Today, if you pay attention to other countries, all countries which are DEVELPOD are working in network marketing, very much priority is given to them because network marketing is the business of the future. As long as there are people in the world, This business will continue to run swiftly.

Some people in India also consider it as a task of trapping  people. Most of the people also call it chain system and some people even believe that people who are well or who do not have any work to do, they do such type of schemes. I agree with them because those people have not yet reached the proper knowledge of this networkmarketing business. There are some things in the world that people do not understand easily.

Let’s make you understand with a simple example, How much we use Facebook and Whatsapp throughout the day and for that you are not charged a single penny. So think about how they earn and while Facebook comes in the top 10 business in the world in terms of earning. Some people think that if Facebook is not taking money from you, then how do some people think about Facebook earning, Some people think it is not there cup of tea but some people want to do research about it. It is important to know how an industry is formed and how it operates.

New industry, he has to go through 4 Phases.

1. Negative phase
2. Positive phase
3. Growth phase
4. Compensation Phase

Negative Phase: – Every business, every new industry has to face negativity, whenever a new business comes in the market, people first do not understand it properly and ignores it. In banking sector, insurance, telecom and IT industry same thing happen. first no one used to keep money in the bank nor take insurance because people had no trust in anyone. Now the senereo has changed, see these are the same industries without which it is impossible to imagine any state.

Positive Phase: This is the time when the trust of the people of the industry starts increasing and their trust depends on the results. Those who are not showing interest in the time industry, who ignores the industry, after seeing the results, they are interested in that industry. As it was with the banking industry and the insurance industry. When there family members got money after an accident.

Growth Phase: Once a person starts believing in an industry, then his growth starts very quickly because in such a phase there is no need to explain and tell the people much and until a company comes to the growth phase. People Do not like to join with him and as the company enters Growth Phase, people start working with him along with investment.

Competition Phase: Once in every company, there comes a time when the competition starts reading inside the company. Only after seeing the growth of the company, maximum people start joining the company and more people are connected with the growth of the company. Then there is more profit affair. Competition starts happening within people, irrespective of the sector, banking, telecom or online shopping. Today’s time is very high level competition in every sector.

What is the best time to join any network marketing industry?

Negative phase may be the best time for you to join networkmarketing business, because people do not have trust in that negative phase. If you are able to understand the business model properly, your trust is being built on that industry. Then you join the company in the same negative phase without hesitating. Because by doing this your growth rate becomes very high and in such a situation there is no standing for your competition.

So that’s why it is important for you to understand all the faces of the company. Understand the company’s composition plan well, its core value, company policies. Growth rates are very high by starting work in the negative phase.

Why Network Marketing Business as a future

Network Marketing Business is in its negative phase right now, in spite of this, you can give many reasons why you will feel why you should do Network Marketing Business as future benefits.

1. Low Investment: Even after being in the negative phase, a lot of corporate people have been raised in network marketing. many big companies like amway, tuppareware are investing in this field. The best thing is that this business work can be done without investment or even investment.

2. Leadership Qualities: networkmarketing business Improves the leadership qualities within you by defeating the rate of winning people by your public speaking skills, the positive attitude is given and the personality is also developed to a good level. you become a better person as a businessman as well as being human.

What is the future of network marketing in India?

Future of Network Marketing in India

According to the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Network-Marketing Industry, the market size is estimated at 6 Thousand crores. FICCI has declared that the direct selling business will be up to 645 billion by 2021-2025. It is very important for you to know that many developed countries like America, Australia, China Japan, Korea and Singapore have adopted Network Marketing Business to a great extent and their citizens are also very aware of networkmarketing.

You must know that, progress cannot be made without change, and those who do not change their way of thinking, time changes them for better. Those people are unable to change anything in their lives they have to parish sooner of later. People running big companies like NOKIA, KODAK also could not change according to the time, so even after their brilliant start they became a part of history before time. We want to tell you later from this article that changes are the laws of nature.

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