Future of network marketing

The Future of Network Marketing

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Future of network marketingThe Future of Network Marketing

The future of network marketing for several reasons is incredibly bright. I would definitely, after doing proper research, recommend joining it.

Industry publication Direct Selling News has included its annual DSN Global 100 (DSN Global celebrates 100 companies) in its list of the 100 largest direct sales/ networkmarketing companies around the world for a few years and every. The year he reported that the top 100 grew from $ 63 billion in 2011 alone to $ 72 billion in 2012. This is an increase of $ 9 billion a year. Most people say that a clue for the bright future of networking marketing business.

Announcing the DSN Global 100 during the awards ceremony, keynote Alessandro was Carlucci, 2012 CEO with sales of $ 3.2B Natura at 5th place had shared the following things, which I think this is Is “Relationships are the foundation of a company and a business. In the end, relationships advance the world, Relationships advance business, Relationships drive people forward.”

He concluded, “There is nothing more contemporary nice than direct sales, and the world is calling us to help people to become better leaders, the right thing, to generate life changing economic-health.”

mouth-to-mouth or relationship marketing has always been the most effective means of promoting a product or service. Since the first caveman showed his friend where to find better food. We naturally overestimate the opinions and recommendations of his trusted friends, family and colleagues. Now, with the amplified effect of social media, even are assumed to be the study of traditional brand marketing power of its customers through mouth-to-mouth. we see advertisements for everything from banking to satellite TV offering cash to refer your friends.

All to say, consumers are becoming more familiar as and therefore are more comfortable with actively consider sharing products and services which find meaningful with their network. Hence the acceptance of direct selling and network marketing is at an alltime high demand in market.

Combine that with improvements in technology everywhere from logistics and supply chain management to customer services and support, you have network marketing companies that are performing at incredible levels. For example, one of the top over the age of 50 in our industry had sales of $11.2 billion last year.

Network marketing companies are no longer cheap chain-system brands . They are being bought by Warren Buffett, they are being invested by Sequoia Capital, they are publicly traded on the NASDAQ.

I believe that we are in the golden age of network marketing. And if you align yourself with the right company, after doing proper due diligence and of course research, that sky is the limit.

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