Tips for Network Marketing and Recruiting New People

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Tips for Network Marketing and Recruiting New People

If you want to have financial freedom and time freedom in network marketing recruiting is essential. Here  i am going to give you top 5 tips that I use to recruit 10 people in just 10 days. (Tips for Network Marketing and Recruiting New People)


1. Meet new people each day:

First you have to make a list of people you know and start talking to them normally, and find there time and try to know their problem. Now their problem can be related to time, money, intellectual freedom and other. Everybody likes money so everybody finds a way to earn extra profit from somewhere. Just fix a meeting to tell them about your work related to direct selling or network marketing. in relationship it does take some time what you want your prospect to actually recruit themselves when the timing is right.


2. Make a list of closed ones:

Make a list of people who are close to you contact them for the same project you are working on. I thought my acquaintance will be interested but they are the people who denied me the most times but you don’t need to lose hope because people who know you and close to you will not going to believe you and your netwoekmarketing secret system. So try to connect as many as people as you can.


3. Increase number of plan showing: (Tips for Network Marketing and Recruiting New People)

You need to understand that is is a number game  remember, we can make up in numbers what we lacked in skill and that like took the weight off my shoulders because when he explained it listen you could be so bad that you only get one out of ten and maybe we have someone else that is so good they get 9 out of 10 people they talk to we can still beat them. They go talk to 10 people they get 9.

We talk to a hundred we get 10 so it is a numbers game so when I went through that recruiting run and I went out I go look. I’m going to go out and recruit and take my business to the next level any time. I do this I understand it’s just numbers game. So I understand that my goal is to find more people and the way that I do that is, I use third-party tools.


4. What is the third-party tool

It’s something else that does a presentation for me maybe it’s a website a magazine a DVD a conference call a webinar anything that allows me to be the commercial and just gets them to watch the movie so let’s say when I was going through that recruiting runner now when I go recruiting 1-run I only get 1 out of 10 people and your numbers you’ll learn your numbers and your numbers will get better over a period of time.

Let’s say I’m only getting 1 out of 10 that means that I need a hundred people to review information to get those ten recruits so maybe I’m calling 40-50 people to get to get 10 commitments. Once I get back with those people and I go through the process. I’m getting 1 out of ten so it’s very simple. once you learn your numbers it’s just a matter of maximum numbers. How fast you really want to move but when going through the numbers game a couple points that I like for you to remember it is a numbers game.

Tips for Network Marketing and Recruiting New People

Third party is always better than first party.  You want to take the pressure when you say less to more people instead of us begging that one friend that we know needs it for 30 minutes but they don’t want it while I spend three minutes with ten people and look for the one that is looking this says look thank God you gave this to me what took you so long where have you been.

Amateurs convinced professional so if you’re going to go on a recruiting run to go build your business you don’t really have time to convince anyone so those are some of the key tips when I was going on my run understanding it.


5. Increase number of follow-ups

As you’re going through the numbers remember the fortune is in the immediate follow-up you’ve got to have a sense of urgency you have to strike while the iron is hot while their emotions are still involved so if I’m talking to you and I go listen I’m excited about something I love you to take a look at it it may or may not be for you. Whatever you’re saying to those people maybe I’m listening to what you’re saying which is key and you go out a love war time with my family

Remember we talked about recruiting as a process it’s not an event so my goal is to take you from exposure until you recruit or sell yourself. It’s pretty simple how do I follow up what do you say you know I don’t I don’t get caught up in all the time. the best this I’ve learned to say when I follow up ‘hey did you get a chance to look at it’. what call your attention most was the product business or a little bit of both because either one we win right the product the business or both it would no matter what they say I go that’s one of the best parts because it is what did you like best about what you saw.

So be patience and hop for the best eventually you will be better in showing plan, follow ups, taking meeting and convening people.


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