Top MLM Companies of India

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Top MLM Companies of India

Top MLM Companies Of India

Here is the list of Indian and foreign Companies of who are working as Direct Selling Concept or Multi level Marketing product base concept. (Top MLM Companies of India)

S. No Name Origin
1 Amway USA
2 Mi life style marketing Pvt Ltd India
3 Herbalife USA
4 Modicare India
5 RCM India
6 Oriframe USA
7 Avon USA
8 Vestige India
9 4life USA
10 DXN  india USA

1. Amway India Amway is one of the oldest american based MLM company. Now Amway sells beauty as well as nutitious products. AmwayIndia has got a good attention in India. Amway India offers more than 150 products in FMCG (fast movable consuming goods), personal care and health. Amway is popular for its product quality.

You can join Amway network marketing from the Amway website. You have to submit documents to complete the registration procerss. Once you are registered as ABO you can sell products of Amway. The commission rate is between 6% to 21%.


2. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global is second largest MLM network marketing company started in 2013. In a shor period, it has become the most popular network marketing MLM company. The company offered multiple lifestyles and health and nuritional products. You can register online to become an distributor. You need to purchase of minimum Rs.1000 products to become a distributor.


Top MLM Companies Of India

3 Herbalife Herbalife is a USA MLM company running in india. Herbalife offers some of the best nutritional supplements made up of herbs, leaves, tree, other part of plants and fruits. A HerbaLlife is a direct selling company. The product of the company is not available in any shop or sores. To join Herbalife MLM company, you need to register online and buy a membership. You can get a 25% discount on all product. You can sell these products on retail price and make a profit.


4 Modicare Modicare is one of the fastest growing network marketing MLM company in India. This company was founded in India. Modicare offers a wide range of products under health, skin care, personal care, home care and other. Modicare offers a unique business plan called as Azadi networking plan. You can become a consultant and sell Modicare MLM products. The product offered to the consultant is 20% cheaper. The commission rate depends on your level. Apart from the commission, you will also get a bonus amount.


5 RCM RCM is 5th in top 10 MLM companies in Indian. RCM offers multiple products in grocery, cosmetics, suitings and garments. Once you become RCM direct seller you can promote RCM products and start earning money. The RCM direct seller gets products at 15% discount. One can also get 10% to 32% on the product purchased by other team members. you will get good discount on purchasing RCM product, which will increase your business value. Apart from a commission, you will also get a performance gifts and bonus.


Top MLM Companies Of India

6 OriFlame OriFlame is a famous name in MLM network marketing. Oriflame has got a very name in India. Now OriFlame offers the best beauty and skin care products. OriFlame allows you to register as a consultant. As a consultant, you get a 20% discount on each product. You can offer this product to other customer and earn more money. Apart from that, you can also earn performance discount in OriFlame.

OriFlame deals in direct selling. However, you can also buy products of OriFlame directly from the website without joining Oriframe MLM company.


7 Avon Avon is next in the list of MLM Network Marketing companies deals in beatuy and skin care productose. Network of Avon is not as famous as Amway. Avon Business program allows you to become Avon representative. Once you become Avon consultant, you can get a product on discounted rates you can sell these products to your friends and other known and earn commission. Avon also offers a higher commission on group sales then any other company.


8 Vestige Vestige is one of the best MLM network marketing companies in India. It is one of the oldest direct selling company in India. Vestige deals in health and personal care products. Vestige offers benefits at multiple levels income. As a Vestige distributor, you can earn 10-20% saving on consumption of productose, 5-20% as performance bonus and 14% as a direct bonus.


Top MLM Companies Of India

9 4Life 4Life is US-based direct selling company known for food supplements products for general health and fitness. 4-Life offers a unique supplement for weight loss and weight gain. 4 Life offers very good commission plan to the distributors and retailers. The distributor can make up to 33% profit by selling productose. In additional profit, you can also earn commission and bonuses on increasing your level


10 DXN India DXN is 10th in the list of Top MLM network marketing companies in India. DXN-India is known for unique health care, food supplements, and personal care products. DXN India offers 15-25% retail profit to the member. In addition to retail profit, you can also avail group bonus, development bonus and increase your earnings.

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